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Campaign Pricing

Monthly ad spend for any of our Geo-Fencing campaigns is calculated by audience size and impressions and an effective campaign has a target of 10 impressions per audience member, per month. Below is a breakdown of the 3 different types of Geo-Fencing campaigns and how ad spend is calculated.

1List Based:

A list based campaign is one that is based on a marketing list with a set number of addresses. This type of campaign is highly effective when utilized to increase the effectiveness of an existing Direct Mail, Cold Calling, Ringless Voicemail, or other types of existing campaigns. A campaign based on a list of 10,000 addresses would ideally yield a minimum 100,000 impressions and the minimum monthly cost for such campaign would be $1,000, therefore the cost per impression is approximately .01c.

2Demographic Based:

A demographic based audience is one that is created by demographic location. This could be by zip code, city, county, or a custom built demographic location based on your specific criteria. An example of this type of audience would be a Real Estate company looking to show ads to homeowners in a specific zip code to advertise their services. We would Geo-Fence that zip code, calculate the audience size, and price the campaign based upon impressions. Another example would be a Retail Store or Restaurant wanting to target a specific radius around their (or their Competitor’s) location to attract new business, or incentivize past customers nearby to return. Similarly, we would geo-fence the requested radius, calculate audience size, and price the campaign based upon impressions.

3Event Based:

An event based campaign is created around a specific event, at a given location, over a given time period. This could be a convention at a hotel or convention center, which occurs over the course of multiple days. In this example, that event center would be geo-fenced, and the audience captured during the dates of the event only. Your ads will be displayed to the event in real-time, so attendees will start seeing your ads while they are at the event, as well as for the next 30 days. Our suggested budget for event based campaigns is $250-500/day(of the event), depending on event size, and the campaign will then run for 30 days only to the audience captured at that particular event.

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