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Competitor Targeting

How to Capture and Market to your Competitor’s Clients!

Well, let me explain… Imagine you are a new restaurant opening in new location. You obviously want to get a buzz around your new location and grand opening, and will likely consider all the traditional marketing routes, which is great, however, what if you could literally target your EXACT audience, who are ALREADY going to your competitor’s restaurants?

Here’s how it works

Target the Competition

First, we will determine whose customers you want to target. In this example, you are a restaurant, and you want to target all of the similar restaurants in a 10 mile radius. We simply upload the addresses of those locations into our system, where they will automatically be geo-fenced, and anyone who walks into any of the geo-fenced restaurant locations will be captured as an audience within our system that can be marketed (and re-marketed) to.

This is a highly effective marketing strategy as it is targeted to people already looking for your products and services. In the example we are using, these are people who are seeking out a specific type of restaurant, perhaps by cuisine, restaurant type of even customer ratings. Regardless of the criteria, you want to use; we can create a list of the competitors in the market.

Targeted Ads

Now, let’s take this process one step further… Imagine, now, anytime a person walks into any one of the geo-fenced restaurants, they will then see your ad, for your new restaurant, and will continue to see it in 30 day intervals, not just once or twice, but multiple times (up to 10 or more) over the period of your campaign.

This is particularly effective as the individual is already a customer of one of the similar restaurants in the area. Even if they are not a local customer, you are aware they have visited your area in the last few weeks, which make them an excellent choice for your marketing efforts. This is POWERFUL MARKETING!

Get Started

Now that you see HOW it’s done, what are you waiting for? Contact us TODAY to learn how we can target your COMPETITION’s Customers or clients!!! We can get your campaign up and running in as little as 72 hours so click here to start your first campaign or simply fill out the form below to inquire about running a campaign!

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