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Direct Mail Stalk

Increase the ROI of your next Direct Mail Campaign with Massive Mail Stalk

Do You Send Direct mail?


How to boost your direct mail conversions without
sending more mail?

Direct mail is extremely effective when used correctly. But when you combine this strategy with what you’re already doing with your direct mail, you will boost your conversions and ROI.

We call this Mail Stalk.

What’s great about this is that you don’t really have to do much to implement it! You can apply it today, and for a fraction of the cost of your Direct Mail Campaign!

You can use Mail Stalk with old direct mail lists as well even if you already sent the Direct Mail, regardless of how long ago it was as well…

Imagine if you had the ability to stalk your direct mail leads online, everywhere they went, on every single device they used to connect to the internet…
That’s right! Even when they go to check out the movie times at their local movie theater, your Ads will be there.

Even when they go to their financial websites, sports websites, or news websites, your Ads will be there. Imagine if everyone that lived at or visited the address saw your Ads for the next 30 days. How powerful would that be? Well, it’s just a click away….

Everyone who lives at or visits the address on your Direct Mail list, will see your Ads for the next 30 days, even if they never saw your direct mail piece!!!

That’s every day, every device for the next 30 days!

Your leads could be seeing your Ads regardless of receiving your direct mail piece.

Starting to believe us when we say this is a VERY powerful and effective strategy?

Massive Lead Stalk really is like stalking your leads online. Wherever they go, there your Ads are….

Mail Stalk uses proprietary Massive Lead Stalk technology to convert your mailing addresses into display-triggered advertising. It is one of the only marketing solutions in existence that can integrate a physical address’ property boundaries to create highly targeted geo-fenced audiences.

How many can you upload at a time? We can upload up to a million addresses at a single time!!! So, you won’t have to worry about your list being too big!


Here’s how simple it is:

  • First, submit a request for creative and let our team design your Ads OR send us your Direct Mail Piece and we can utilize your existing Ad creative
  • Next, upload your list to our LeadFollow™ platform
  • Boom, Your’e done!

Now it’s time to sit back and watch as your impression reports increase as we serve your Ads only to target people you’re mailing for the next 30 days, 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Or as much and for as long as you’d like!

How does it work?

Using geofencing, our system display Ads to only people who cross into the geofence zone for every property on your mailing list, in any country, anywhere in the world, and in 13 languages!

Based on your business’s physical location, we can create what’s called conversion zones. Conversion zones are geofences around your business’s physical location(s)

When a person who has seen one of our ads, and then walk into your location, they are then part of the conversion zone, and our system can then track every conversion!!! That’s right, we will know if they’ve seen your Ad on any of their devices and when they’ve walked into your retail location.

These geo-conversion zones are extremely powerful and not only helps you track the effectiveness of your campaigns, it creates a marketable audience around EVERY single person that walks into one of your business locations, or conversion zones.

In addition to Mail Stalk, our campaigns can include any of our full product stack which include tracking and remarketing to your website(s), contextual search based, and geo-location-based Advertising.

Our Team will even provide you with detailed analytics reports, or you can log in and see your results in real-time once you’ve taken the simple steps of signing up for your account with Massive Lead Stalk!

So, what are the next steps to get started?.

To Learn how our products can be applied to your business, with a complementary strategy call with one of our Team members! Please email, or Call 866-900-4553 or you can Schedule a Call Here.

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