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Event Targeting

People who are attending an event are displaying intent to buy, which is what makes them such a great audience to target, whether it is a consumer or business event, Massive Lead Stalk is a highly effective tool for B2B and B2C sales! Even if you attend events, trade shows, expos and conferences as an exhibitor you can use the Massive Lead Stalk’s event targeting to maximize your advertising exposure.

Event Targeting

Below are a few simple use cases for Event Targeting:

  • Target events such as trade shows, fairs, & conventions…
  • Target outdoor events like home shows, farmers markets, boat shows and local street events…
  • Target open houses or auctions. Think of this for generating a list of buyers or sellers of property. Can also be sale centers, design centers and much more!
  • Target sporting events or games.
  • The list goes on… And what makes this product so effective is we can target any event, or location, at anytime, practically anywhere in the world!

And the best part of the Event Geofencing is that you don’t need to be at the event, and your audience doesn’t need to have visited your site, or submitted a form! They become part of your captive audience because they are in the Geo-Fenced location!

If there is a group of people gathering for a certain period of time, since that location exists on a map, You can setup an event geofence to capture this audience to use in your advertising campaigns.

Massive Lead Stalk Event Geo-Fencing is like event marketing insurance!

  • Guaranteed Exposure that improves your brand awareness!
  • Maximize your Event Investment for up to 30 days after the event has finished (Or longer)
  • 100% Automated and Passive Engagement of Highly targeted audiences to increase brand awareness and recall. More people will know who you are and what you do!
  • Automate your Exhibitors leads visiting your website!
  • Connect Event traffic to your Retail Location Walk-in traffic!
  • Ensures your customers don’t forget you!

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