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Whether you are an Event Production company, attend Industry trade shows, or simply host a lot of events, or just want to use our service to target audiences that attend specific events, Massive Lead Stalk offers highly effective marketing and lead generation tools that can integrate with any of your current marketing strategies, or we can create and implement a custom marketing strategy for you!

Event Marketing Made Easy

Spending time and money to create an amazing event for a business, company, agency, or organization is only half of the job of event planners and hosts. The other half is to market the event and to bring in a targeted group of attendees to make the event a success. Using social media marketing and online advertising without an effective strategy is not only frustrating, but it typically results in fewer actual leads and limited interest.

Massive Lead Stalk takes care of this aspect of the event for you and your team. By integrating our geo-fence marketing and re-targeting lead generation tools, your time does not have to be spent cold calling and trying to contact potential attendees. With the correct marketing and lead generation tools in place, you will find that attendees are contacting you.

Targeting Industry Events

If you are looking to reach a specific targeted and captive audience that are attending an industry event, our Geo-Fencing product is ideal for you. We can create a custom approach for a single event or use it for all of the events you and your company host. We simply create a geo-fence around each industry event you want to target, and set the date of the event and our system will not only capture the attendees, but can also market to them in Real Time by placing your ads, products, and services in front of them during, and after the event!

Imagine that your company provides a service for a specific industry, such as automotive. You know there are multiple automotive industry related trade shows, seminars, or other similar events throughout the year. Whether you don’t have the time or ability to attend the live event, our products can ensure your presence, regardless if you attend or not!

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