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Top 20 Massive Lead Stalk GeoFence Software Questions

Hiring the right geofencing provider can be difficult, especially if you haven’t done it before. No worries! We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 questions you’ll need answers to before hiring a geofencing agency.

Why are you better than the other geofencing agencies?

The first question you’d really want an answer to is what sets an agency apart from the rest. What are the geofencing solutions that make the agency better, faster, and fit for your brand? Here are some areas the agency should represent well:

  • The first question you want an answer to is what sets us apart from the rest? What are the geofencing solutions that our agency a better fit for your brand? Here are some areas the agency should represent well:
  • Precision geofencing solutions (HIGHLY accurate)
  • Monthly Campaign Minimum of $500/mo
  • Highly detailed analytics and reporting
  • White label solutions for Agencies
  • Client Access to our Platform

Massive Lead Stalk provides a platform that every client gets access to. This gives you Real-Time reporting on your campaigns and allows you to optimize your campaigns in real time.


Sample View on how a Real-time Reporting in your Campaigns look like

Sample map view on retargeting a location using the Massive Lead Stalk App

Can you have multiple active geofences in one marketing campaign?

Some geofencing agencies charge based on the number of target buildings and locations. If the agency is limited to providing only 1 location and charges above $1,000, then it’s not your best option. Remember you won’t get as good of results and analytics from just a single location.

We will provide a strategy and budget recommendation based on your needs. With Massive Lead Stalk each campaign can have up to 1,000 Geotargets per campaign! Plus our platform provides you detailed reporting on EACH GEO Target.

A geotarget is the specific geofence location you are targeting in your campaign. But one location could have multiple buildings for example. This does not include your conversion zones for conversion tracking. If you are running a Direct Mail Stalk campaign, for example, we can upload a list of 100,000+ addresses to be Geo-Fenced!

A geotarget is the specific geofence location you are targeting in your campaign. But one location could have multiple buildings for example. This does not include your conversion zones for conversion tracking.

How accurate is your geofencing technology and how small can it be?

Not all geofences are created equal. There are geofences that can cover as small as 25 meters or as big as 50,000 meters. But the biggest challenge is getting precise value. Because the more accurate you get, the more benefits to your marketing strategies.

Our platform processed “unstructured data” rather than “structured data” like a lot of our competitors. This means we can have an accuracy of 3 feet, and provide you with only the people in that exact location, rather than an estimation. Unstructured data will always result in higher accuracy and less noise. It means the cost is slightly higher but this is replaced by increased accuracy.

What are CPM’s and monthly or overall spend?

Because our platform can leverage the entire product stack your CPM’s will vary based on the type of campaign you are running. Additionally, Video has a higher cost but can create better conversion results.

Monthly ad spend for any of our Geo-Fencing campaigns is calculated by audience size and a campaign based on a list of 10,000 addresses would ideally yield 100,000 impressions and the minimum monthly cost for such campaign would be $1,000, therefore the cost per impression is approximately .01c.

What are the technical aspects of your geofencing process and how does your marketing work?

Geofencing is a “virtual barrier.” It uses a program that enables administrators to adjust settings and boundaries. It also allows fleet, human resources, compliance, and marketing management. Every geofencing agency should be able to provide all of these services.

Can you geofence in the global market?

The ability to geofence overseas makes our agency stand out and not all agencies can provide this service. Massive Lead Stalk GeoFencing works in over 40 Countries!

Massive Lead Stalk Retargeting and GeoFence platform stack can be applied in any of these countries in any of these languages.

Will I be able to remarket to people for weeks or months?

Our geofencing platform is be capable of storing the audiences for over 30 days. However, as with any agency, the accuracy of the data will diminish over time, but once the person in the geo-fenced location has clicked your ad and/or visited any of your websites or landing pages where our retargeting smart pixel has been activated you can target these people for years!

Can I capture prospects during set periods of time? Event GeoTargeting

Our platform can capture prospects during a specific timeframe which can be crucial when separating potential customers from unrelated audiences. For Example, when running a campaign to an event at a specific location, those who enter the geofence “conversion zone” will be targeted for a set timeframe around the event.

Look for geofencing technology that has time-based schedule. This will enable you to build a custom audience and avoid wasting resources on unrelated audiences.

One of the benefits of Massive Lead Stalk GeoFencing solution is that our Event Tracking option allows you to allow time-based tracking to any GeoTarget. To learn more about using Geofence targeting for events click here

GeoFence time based reporting with Event List bulk upload to create multiple GEOTargets quickly!


Most geofencing agencies just deliver ads via mobile apps, which is good, a great geofencing platform is capable of delivering ads using both mobile browsers and apps. Our platform includes push notifications (ads through mobile devices), desktop computer, or via Connected TV.

Learn more about your options here: What do my GeoFence ads look like

Can geofencing be utilized only for generating leads?

Geofencing can be used as a stand-alone lead generation strategy or in combination with any other form of marketing campaign. Remember that what this technology does is to advertise and put your message out there for the intended audience. There is still a need to give prospects a compelling reason for them to take action.

Apply our Keyword Contextual solutions for lead generation but the campaign results will be better if combined with your existing marketing campaigns.

What industries benefit from geofencing?

Any business can benefit from geofencing. But these industries could have a significant advantage:

  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Health and Medical
  • Legal
  • Food Industry/Restaurants
  • Politics
  • Retailers
  • Education
  • Franchises
  • Car Dealership
  • Event Marketing

Can I see my own Ads if I enter the geofences?

You may or may not see them, it depends how long you are in the geo-fence location as well as a number of other factors. Massive Lead Stalk provides all clients with a Domain Listing Report. which will show you every website and domain that has displayed your Ads

What creative Ad sizes do you recommend?

Most agencies will offer a host of Ad formats, specs, and sizes to capture people’s attention. The downside to this is it could get really confusing and have less visual impact. The best Ad sizes should cover mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers:

  • 160 x 600 pixels
  • 250 x 250 pixels
  • 300 x 50 pixels
  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • 320 x 50 pixels
  • 728 x 90 pixels
  • 1200 x 628 pixels

Knowing the creative Ad sizes you need will help your team in developing and launching your geofencing campaign. Our team can also help you with creative.

How can you measure foot traffic?

Geofencing technology can track foot traffic by pulling relevant data of prospects. For example, track the location of your target audience when you turn on the “location cookie” for your business. Then you can send notifications and point them to your store. We call this a Natural Conversion Lift report where we track the walk in traffic difference when a campaign is active.

Look for a geofencing platform that will allow you to measure the number of Ad views and clicks, and all those that walked into your store or office. Once you know all these, you’ll be able to increase foot traffic even more by creating tailored interactions and offers to the prospects.

How can geofencing compliment my current advertising?

Geofencing is a great way to build brand awareness. And you can skyrocket your marketing benefits when you combine it with SEO, social media marketing, and Google Adwords.

Ask the agency for insights regarding geofencing as a stand-alone solution. What are their suggestions for combining geofencing technology and other advertising tactics? An effective agency will provide you with tons of details.

What is the best strategy for any geofencing project?

You don’t really want the geofencing project to be a total waste, hence need to ask this. Let’s say you’re required to pay $1,000/month for 4 locations only. How can you know that those locations are the perfect places to target customers? And why start with few locations when you can geofence 20 or more? An agency that is capable of developing a strategic action plan is crucial to the success of the geofencing project.

What reporting does your agency provide and can you share a sample with us?

Some geofencing agencies can provide real-time reporting, which is great, but what you need to focus on is its content or specifics. A report that simply indicates the number of clicks and shares, won’t give you a lot of insight to improve your business.

The reporting system of the geofencing agency will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the team. Furthermore, it will help you with identifying best practices for future campaigns. Try to get as many details as possible.

Can I make changes to the Ads or locations during the campaign?

There are geofencing agencies that do not allow clients to make updates during the campaign. But there will be a time when you’ll want to change or add something. Look for a geofencing agency that is flexible and will fully support your needs. With Massive Lead Stalk you can launch new creative flights (Change your ads) or alter your campaign in multiple ways during it’s active status. This allows you to optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Are you able to provide a white label geofencing solution?

Yes! Sell Massive Lead Stalk’s geo-fencing services to your clients under your brand! This program will let you sit back and sell while we plan & execute, and will provide detailed report. If you want to know more about the Massive Lead Stalk Agency program, please email leadstalk@massivecompanies.com or click here to schedule a call.

What does your launching process look like?

Onboarding is a simple, streamlined process. Click here for Next Steps
The last thing you’d want to know about the agency is its onboarding process. This will be useful with determining all the necessary aspects of getting your campaign out there.

Massive Lead Track can be applied to business in multiple ways. If you would like a complementary strategy call with one of our agents please email leadstalk@massivecompanies.com or Call or Schedule a time here.

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