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Geo-Fencing allows us to create and market to a HIGHLY targeted audience like never before and your customers are researching right now, and they likely don’t know you exist… yet! Massive Lead Stalk with Lead Stalk technology allows you to access those customers and is effective at every stage of your customer’s life cycle.

Geofence Targeting

This is how we can actually target people based on their physical location. (i.e your competitor’s location). This provides a MASSIVE advantage. Imaging you are a retailer looking to expand your client base, or a new restaurant looking for new customers, or even an online retailer selling pretty much anything… In any scenario, we can TARGET YOUR COMPETITION by using geo-fencing around their physical location(s) so anyone who walks into their location will see YOUR ads for the next 30+ days!!

Massive Lead Stalk Geo-Fencing vs Competition

There are multiple geofencing companies out there that offer geofencing. This is not a new technology, however, how we use it is. We use three government satellites which validate every transaction based on unstructured data. This is unique to Massive Lead Stalk and truly separates us from our competitor.. Our competitors process gridded or structured data which is not nearly as precise as our system that uses an unstructured format.

What this means is there is a lot more raw data we have to compile; over 30-60 terabytes of data per day, actually. This of this. a New computer likely has around 500gb storage (which over its lifetime, for the average person will never be used in its’ entirety. Our system process 30-50x that amount of RAW DATA, every single day…)

It’s mind-blowing how much data that we process through our system. 

Example: at any given time, we’re processing close to 750 million users over 30 terabytes of time-stamped data including 1.4 billion keyword search activities and over 3 billion GPS locations per day!!!
We have data for the last 6 months that we can analyze,process, and utilize to ensure we get your marketing messages, advertising, and brand in front of the right audience based on their contextual relevant behavior.

Understanding Massive Lead Stalk

Massive Lead Stalk really is like stalking your leads online by showing your ads only to your leads list, website visitors, or those who have entered a geofenced location to highly influence their buying decisions! Massive Lead Stalk creates highly targeted campaigns that will engage your leads for 30 days

Massive Lead Stalk is a white-glove(Done For You) Service. We will design, run, and manage your ads for you! All you need to provide is the audience, asterisk and message, then we take care of the rest for 30 days.

Need quality leads list?

We have quality targeted leads available & highly accurate skip tracing services available

Leverage the secret advertising tool that one of the World’s Largest companies has been using for years!

This is the technology behind the power of’s secret advertising technique that increases brand awareness by 15.8% by engaging your leads with targeted ads for the next 30 days on autopilot without having to master Facebook or PPC Advertising

Let’s explain how Massive Lead Stalk works using the
following example:

Imagine going to to buy a pair of red shoes. But for whatever reason you didn’t purchase yet. So you leave Amazon’s website.

What happens next?

Well you will start to see highly targeted banner ads for those shoes. The ones you were just looking at.

These ads follow you online for the next 30 days! Click Here

This simple approach of retargeting your leads will bring 27% of your leads back to your website! That’s right with more people coming BACK to your website. You will increase your conversions.

Massive Lead Stalk works at every stage of your Sales Funnel!

MailFollow Geo-Fencing

MailFollow geofencing is unique to the Massive Lead Stalk platform. It gives anyone using Direct Mail marketing a MASSIVE advantage by allowing our users to take any mailing address, anywhere in the world and convert it (instantly in our system) to a geo-fenced audience.

So imagine this: we’ve taken your street address, your mailing address, overlaid it, and we now know the property boundary. Our system will automatically build a geofence around your property because it used the address. 
This means we no longer actually have to build that geofence manually. The system automatically does it. And we can do a million addresses at a time!

Anyone who physically enteres into that geofence based on how long your campaign is, will start to see you Ads. Now, your audience will have brand recognition when they see your direct mail piece, and your mailing will stand out from the others and has been proven to increase brand awareness and ultimately conversion!

So for example, if they had sent a postcard and had addressable activated on it as well, the day it went out, or even before it went out, you could have activated the printing and I would have been seeing these coupons in this office and this promotion targeted to everybody in the house. 

The reality is that the postcard has a 1 to 3 percent deliverability rate. In other words, when you get it, most people are filtering this stuff over the trash. And even look at the flyer that’s been delivered and with nothing on its back. 

What’s interesting is that the flyer could have been delivered and I could have been seeing the Ads because I live at this address. When anyone in our house came home, they could have all been seeing it because whoever collects the mail this day is usually the person that filters it – and they filtered it at a trash can so it improves your ROI rate just because of what’s going on.

Keyword Search Retargeting

The next big one is what we call keyword search retargeting. This is where you can give us a keyword list of up to 500 to a thousand keywords. What we do is use the broad search we want higher level keyword search phrases.

We’re not talking about exact like long tail keywords here, we’re talking about putting your hands in front of people during the search and research stage of the buying cycle. So your Ads start to display because what we want to do is influence them when they’re researching the products to buy your products.
You can only influence people while they’re in that researching stage. Once they’ve locked in on a product, it’s a totally different mental game and buying a game to deal with.

CRM Targeting

Next, we have CRM targeting. This is where we can actually take your lead list. This includes the phone numbers, email addresses, and match them to over 350 different network providers. And we can find these people and where they exist on their digital footprints and roll your Ads only to those people.

Site Retargeting

This is powerful for everyone who’s driving traffic to their website. That’s because over 98% of all your website visitors leave, they bounce, and never come back again. We know that only 17% of people will come back to your website.

What we’re trying to do is bump that because we know that by running site retargeting, people are 70% more likely to come back to your site. And you’ll bring back about 27% of your site traffic. Just by running site retargeting, you will boost your brand awareness by 15.8% of people more likely to remember and know exactly who you are. Site retargeting in itself is very powerful. Many people don’t do it or do it well. We’ll talk more on this topic on other tutorials soon.

Prospecting Dynamic Creative

We’ve seen a lot of people in the auto industry use this technology. But the technology we’ve created allows us to use it in multiple other industries. So if you have a product catalog and users have been to your website, we’re able to set a dynamic feed based on the product they viewed on your website.

We can change the Ads dynamically to display only Ads relevant to the products in which they looked at on your website. It’s an amazing application and it’s wonderful if you’ve got a big product catalog and you want to have unique Ads to each person based on the products they’ve seen without having to create tens of thousands of Ads.

Keyword Level Contextual

This is where we’re analyzing keywords of people’s browsing activity and showing them relevant Ads based on the context of the keywords which they’re using. The keywords are used on articles inside the page.

IP Targeting

The IP targeting is important if you know specific locations or IP ranges. You can start to go after those areas.


We also offer native programmatic, which means it’s responsive mobile and display Ads. It allows you to maximize that native content consumption field.

With the full Massive Lead Stalk platform, we offer an API. It’s our own API and you can programmatically integrate with our API. So this allows you to turn on and off any of these campaigns in real-time, dynamically, based on what your leads or your clients are doing in real-time.

As I said, it’s one platform many applications. 

…And I can brainstorm with you at least three to ten different ways that you can apply every single one of these elements to your business. And by doing so, you will significantly maximize your ROI.

I look forward to talking soon! If you’ve got any questions, please reach out to our team. We are more than happy to answer any question you have. 

You can either call us, you can reach out to our teams at email. You can also use the live chat or any of the contact methods here. When you do, you should have a friendly representative who’s more than willing to answer any of your questions about Massive Lead Stalk.

If you would like a complementary strategy call with one of our Massive Lead Stalk Advisors please email, Call or Text 866-900-4553 or Schedule a time here.  

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