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Online Businesses

If you are strictly an internet-based business and have no physical location, do not worry! Our products are still HIGHLY effective regardless of physical location! Our services are designed to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site or landing page(s), capture more audience data, and bring customers who have navigated off your website BACK to your page! Additionally, we can still use all the same techniques to target your competition (whether they have a physical location or not) to capture their clients and direct them to YOU!

The Importance Of Competitor Targeting

One of the big advantages of using Massive Lead Stalk for online businesses is the ability to target customers browsing around on your competitors’ websites. We can work with you to develop a list of online stores and eCommerce sites you want to target.

Then, whenever someone searches or visits your selected competitors’ websites, your ads begin to appear. These ads appear when they use their favorite app, as online banners or on websites that feature ads. This can be set up to continue for up to thirty days at a time, ensuring your products, brand, and your website is seen by a highly targeted audience. This type of exposure is more cost effective than traditional PPC marketing, and it can be integrated with any current online campaigns your business is running.


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