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Using our Smart Pixel, we can Retarget website visitors and bring visitors back to your website. By stalking your lead online, we display ads to previous website visitors to bring them back to your website. In fact, Amazon attributes 15.7% of their brand awareness to retargeting their current website visitors. 98% of website visitors navigate off the page without purchasing, so consider how re-targeting can bring these existing customers back to your website and increase conversion and ROI!

Re-Targeting is an extremely powerful tool for everyone who’s looking to drive traffic to their website. Because over 98% of all your website visitors leave, once they bounce, they rarely come back again. In fact, we know that only up to 17% of people will potentially come back to your website.

To maximize the number of returning customers, you need to implement a highly effective retargeting strategy. This process promotes your brand whenever a person who has been on your website browses the internet. Through retargeting, your brand and your products are continually seen by prospective buyers, which keeps your website, brand and product front of mind. This constant awareness draws your target audience back to your site and increases conversion rates.

With re-targeting, people are 70% more likely to come back to your site. Just by running site re-targeting, you will boost your brand awareness by 15% and people are more likely to remember who you are. Site re-targeting in itself is very powerful, even more so when combined with our other products and services!

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