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Retailers are perfect candidates to take advantage of our Geo-Fencing and Re-Targeting services. Each of your retail store locations can be geo-fenced, where your customers are captured DAILY, which become part of a marketable audience which we can send ads to in real time, as well as re-target in the future.

Additionally, we can also capture your COMPETITOR’s customers by geo-fencing their retail locations and showing YOUR ads to them, therefore diverting their customers to your retail store! You can learn more about this product HERE

Regardless of which service, or combination of services you choose to utilize, we will work with your team to identify the target area(s) or locations, and then create exceptional and captivating ads to promote your retail store.

Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Another great strategy used by many Retail stores is to display current or upcoming coupons and loyalty program incentives to customers who either 1) Enter your geo-fenced Retail location, 2) Have entered one of your competitor’s geo-fenced Retail locations or 3) Have entered a geographic based geo-fence that has been created around yours, and/or your competitor’s location, so that drive-by traffic will see ads for your, increasing awareness of your restaurant and incentivising them to visit!

Bringing In Interested Shoppers

Regardless of what type of items you sell in your retail store, there are effective ways to market to these potential customers. Pay Per Click and local SEO strategies can be useful, but they all rely on the customer to use his or her computer or mobile device to search for a product or a store.

Our system eliminates the need for the online search. Instead, all the customer needs to do is walk into the geo-fenced area to begin to see your ads. This is ideal, as people may have come into the area to shop at the competition, but after seeing your ad displayed on an app or a web page, they typically decide to try out something new, especially if you are running a promotion for new or returning customers!

This is also an ideal way to bring back your existing customer base as well! Customers who have shopped at your retail store before are reminded of your presence, your brand, and your products and services. Using this type of marketing and lead generation tool is a cost-effective and results driven way for you to bring in new and repeat customers on an ongoing basis!

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