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Our services create highly effective targeted audiences and campaigns that can be used in NY Industry!

Lead Stalking Services


We create highly accurate virtual barriers that target your prospective leads based upon their physical location. Access highly targeted leads like never before possible!

Mail Stalk

Increase the ROI of your next Direct Mail campaign with Mail Stalk


You deserve those hard-earned visitors, don’t let them slip away! Our Retargeting campaigns will stalk your clients online, anywhere they go, on any device they use…

Event Targeting

Skip the need for expensive trade show booths & target a captive audience at any event, at anytime, at any location in the world!

Competitor Targeting

Give yourself an unfair advantage with the ability to target your competitor’s direct customers! Don’t feel too bad, they could be doing it to you and you wouldn’t even know it!

Lead Lists

Need a list? The foundation of any good campaign starts with a quality lead list. We offer high quality, and affordable lead lists with a click of a button!

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